Fat Cat Temple

The main room is a large golden stone walled room with all amenities, including leather seating, scratching posts, a buffet, an alter full of catnip incense and offerings, hundreds of idols, and 2 life sized fat cat statues. The ceiling is covered in a massive ever changing tapestry of all of the time-space continuum near the temple. The wall sconce holders are modeled after Silvia's paws. The left hall is for priestesses while the right hall is guest quarters. The kitchen in back is massively well stocked and 20 people could cook in it without bumping elbows. There is a hidden secret hot springs bath in the basement. Below the basement is the catacombs, full of traps, vaults, and dungeons galore.

Non Player Characters
(Anyone may do with them what they want, for the most part.)

Current Priestess(es)
(Actual people in IRC.)

Catacomb Information
(Including Dungeons and Vaults as they're discovered.)

Buffet Table Menu
(A list of the normal items found on the buffet table, as well as a few specialty request items.)

Forms of a Goddess
(The normal forms she'll take.)

This temple is an equal opportunity employer and will not turn away any followers based on alignment, race, species, gender, or creed.