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Non Player Characters
(Anyone may do with them what they want, for the most part.)

Myfra the Demoness spends a lot of time down in the baths and enjoys playing with people in a mostly non-harmful manner. She also can't do harm she's not told to do.

Asirael Xalios the Succubus spends a lot of time in the kitchens and is a wonderful chef. She is also a former Paladin and wanted a different way to serve.

Miriel is a devil lady that wanted to get away from her old life and try to help people and do good.

Luna is a lunar dragoness that was resurrected by Aqua. Former demi-goddess killed in the great war and love of Azmaria.

Emerald is a green dragoness that was a former priestess of the temple. She was lost in the catacombs over 120 years ago. Recently resurrected and is recovering.

Sapphire is a blue dragoness that was a former priestess of the temple. She was the last one lost in the catacombs, about 30 years ago. Almost resurrected but due to decapitation having been the means of her death, is now an intelligent zombie-type undead. Weak to sunlight but much stronger now, she has no vital signs of life yet moves freely and can speak normally.

The island that the temple is on is filled with all sorts of exotic beasts and plants. Most notably is the giant Hercules Beetles, which stand around 4 to 5 feet tall when fully grown and can be easily trained as a mount using the basketball sized peaches that grow wild.

This temple is an equal opportunity employer and will not turn away any followers based on alignment, race, species, gender, or creed.